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Create your own private or public class
with just a tap on the app
at your place or our studio

Download app


(We won’t discriminate if you’re a millionaire)


Anywhere, Anytime

Have a private yoga teacher come to your home, work or hotel gym in as little as two hours. Prefer to practice at our studio instead? Book our studio directly from the app.

Option for every budget

Private class at a cost lower than ever before. Have your friends join you for free. Want to reduce your costs even further? Make your class public on the app, all with a tap or two.

Choice of styles

Learn handstands, prenatal yoga or choose a Flow class. Check out your teacher’s profile and ratings before the class. Liked the class? Book another one with them easily.

Class Types

Regular Flow

Moderate to fast-paced Vinyasa Flow – entails movement synchronized with breath


Mellow class with a goal to relax the muscles deeply through passive stretching

Partner Yoga

A joyful way to practice yoga together by helping each other get deeper into poses

Slow Flow

Slower-paced Vinyasa class. Poses are held for a longer time than regular flow


Improves strength during pregnancy and helps develop relaxation during labor


Learn the tools that will help you stand on your hands. And maybe walk on them one day!


More focus on alignment than a Vinyasa class. Can also be great to work with injuries

Parent & Child

Fun and healthy way to ease back into yoga, and to connect with your baby


Learn inversions such as headstand, shoulder stand, forearm stand etc.


Download app

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this feature available on your Android app?

Not yet. Please download our Android app for our studio classes. If you’d like to use the private yoga feature, please contact us and we’ll make it easy for you!

What’s your cancellation policy?

You may cancel up to 24 hours before the class with no charge. If you cancel later than 24 hours before the class, you will be charged $30. If you cancel later than 6 hours before the class, you will be charged $50.

Can I have my friends join me for the class?

Yes! The app provides you the option of booking the class for up to 6 people. If your group has more than 6 people, please contact us.

love the ambience of a Yoga studio. Can I take the class at your studio instead of my home?

Our app is fully integrated with our studio and you will be able to book the class there seamlessly and directly from the app at a slightly higher price.

I really liked my teacher the first time. Can I get them again?

Yes, once you’ve taken a private class with a teacher, you can easily request them again from the app for an extra $10/person (min. $20).

How does it work?

Bigtoe Gold allows you to book a certifed and experienced Yoga teacher with a tap or two on your phone. Just download our app and choose your desired level, style and date/time of class. Your awesome Yoga teacher will arrive at your requested time which can be as early as same day and as far out as 7 days.

I have never considered taking a private Yoga class before. Why should I now?

There are many reasons why a private Yoga class might be right for you. A private class allows you to focus on specific aspects of your practice as the teacher is able to tailor the classes to your individual needs. The perception, perhaps rightly, has been that private classes are expensive and logistically inconvenient. Not any more!